Meeting Minutes January 19, 2018

WVBOT MINUTES: January 19, 2018
MEMBERS PRESENT: Kathy Quesenberry, Bambi Hill, Phil Simpson, Gene Brooks, Marty Douglas
ALSO PRESENT: Vonda Malnikoff

Gene motioned to approve Nov 3, 2017 minutes as written. Bambi seconded.Vote 4-0.

TOPIC: NBCOT Primary Source Verification / NPDB Agent
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Marty motioned to accept new online NBCOT verification as primary source verification required for licensure. Phil seconded. Vote 5-0. Phil motioned to decline interest at this time to NBCOT request to act as NPDB Agent for the Board. Board will further discuss purpose / benefits with NBCOT representative at March board meeting. Marty seconded. Vote 5-0. Shaun Conway further clarified NBCOT’s goal of maintaining a nationwide database to collect and disseminate disciplinary action from all states. They would act as the reporting agency to NPDB. One remaining question is the impact this will have on meeting current filing deadlines.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Keep item open pending further information regarding implementation from NBCOT.

TOPIC: WV Interactive proposal for online renewals
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: WV Interactive LLC is the vendor for the statewide contract for web based portal management services. Reviewed WVI summary of proposal. Reviewed current renewal applications to simplify and minimize PII. Discussed the Board absorbing transaction and credit card fees as opposed to passing on to licensees. Marty motioned to proceed with agreement with WVI in lieu of purchasing a full Licensure Management Database System at this time. Bambi seconded. Vote 4-0. Prototype reviewed at board meeting. System went live November 1 as scheduled. The most common issue was failure to upload supervisory statements.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Work with WVI to modify application or instructions to clarify this requirement prior to next year’s renewal period.

TOPIC: 2018 CE Conference
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Contract signed with Stonewall Resort for April 6, 2018. Discussed potential topics / speakers. Approved notebook purchase from WVCI. Agreed to offer 2018 conference at no charge to licensees, but discussed possible need to charge for future conferences due to number of no-shows. Reviewed agenda, speakers, conference facilities, and Registration info. Reviewed and approved registration form, agenda, and evaluation form. Agreed to email CE certificates to attendees after the conference to save money. A sign-out sheet will have to be added to verify attendance.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Continue conference preparations.

TOPIC: Future online services
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Discussed possible future online services to be offered through website, including fillable forms, ability to upload documents, and make payments via egov payment system. Pursue adding additional online services through Tekswift or WV Interactive.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Will get back to this item after April conference.

Phil motioned to enter Executive Session at 11:37 a.m. to discuss open complaint.
Marty seconded. Vote 5-0.
Issue 2017#01 – Complaint
Gene motioned to move out of Executive Session at 12:23 p.m. Bambi seconded. Vote 5-0.
Phil motioned to dismiss case due to finding of no probable cause. Bambi seconded. Vote 4-0.

The Board reviewed all purchases made on the Purchase Card for November and December 2017. Marty motioned to approve all purchases. Bambi seconded. Vote 5-0.
Cash Balance as of December 31, 2017
$ 252,722.25
11/1/17 $ 450    12/1/17 $ 260    12/22   650
11/6          450    12/4       2,700   12/26 1,310
11/7          550    12/5       1,570     12/28  790
11/8         140     12/6      1,540
11/13       960     12/7     2,020
11/14       310      12/8     1,180
11/15      440      12/11    1,460
11/20   1,620     12/12    1,700
11/21       720     12/14    1,280
11/24      900     12/18    1,170
11/27    1,720     12/19      680
11/28      690     12/20     260
11/30   1,050     12/21   1,430
egov receipts: November $12,320
December   27,840
November $ 5,877.49
December 5,357.87

TOPIC: Election of Officers
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Phil motioned to retain current officers. Gene seconded. Vote 5-0.

TOPIC: Renewal of Tekswift contract
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Bambi motioned to extend website hosting / data backup service contract from April 2018 - March 2019 up to a monthly rate of $100/month. Gene seconded. Vote 5-0.

TOPIC: License renewal update
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Total renewals mailed: 361 OT’s, 283 OTA’s;
Non-renewals as of 1/11/18: 44 OT’s (12%), 54 OTA’s (19%)
Number of licensees as of 1/1/18: 690 OT’s, 530 OTA’s

TOPIC: New Assistant Attorney General
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Kate Campbell will be changing positions within the AG’s office effective 1/19/18. Her replacement will be Michael Bevers.

TOPIC: NBCOT State Regulatory Leadership Forum / State visit
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: As the NBCOT forum is scheduled for April 6-7, 2018, it conflicts with our CE conference. The Board agreed it was more important for all board members to attend WVBOT conference in lieu of sending representatives to NBCOT Forum. With regard to scheduling an NBCOT visit with the Board, it was agreed to schedule visit for September Board meeting if possible. The Board would prefer to spend Thursday night in Morgantown to start meeting at 9:00 a.m. to accommodate 60-90 minutes requested by NBCOT.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Confirm date with Shaun Conway. Include increased travel expense in FY2019 budget.

TOPIC: 2018 Legislative Session
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Reviewed HB4014 which proposes a reorganization of DHHR into two separate entities, one of which would be the Department of Health and Healthcare Compliance, which would include Chapter 30 Health Related Boards.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Continue to follow relevant Legislative activity.

Correspondence    date rec'd
1  Purchasing              11/1/2017     The Buyers Network - November 2017
2 NBCOT                   11/15/2017      Certification Matters - Fall 2017
3 NBCOT                     12/1/2017      State Regulatory E-newsletter November 2017
4 WV Ethics Comm  12/6/2017      Financial Disclosure Statements due Feb 1, 2018
5 AOTA                       12/8/2017       Two statements regarding recent education mandates
6 AOTA                      12/11/2017       New and revised official documents
7 email from OT       12/13/2017      email request to consider Documentation courses as qualified CE
8 Christmas card from COTA 12/18/2017   see note to the Board
9 NBCOT                   12/18/2017      Info re 2018 State Regulatory Leadership Forum
10 email from COTA 12/20/2017   email re CE conferences
11 Legislative Services  12/22/2017  email re Board member terms for Blue Book update
12 AOTA                      12/26/2017     Info re 2018 AOTA Annual Conference and State Regulatory Forum
13 Brickstreet             12/26/2017    Inside Brickstreet Fall 2017
14 Purchasing                 1/2/2018    The Buyers Network - January 2018 (mileage reimbursement increase)
15 AOTA / ACOTE          1/5/2018    Call for comment on draft ACOTE standards by April 23, 2018

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm after the signing of licensure applications. The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 6:00 pm at Stonewall Resort prior to CE Conference. Tentative future 2018 meeting dates of September 21st and November 16th.

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