Meeting Minutes January 29, 2016

WVBOT MINUTES: January 29, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT: Bambi Hill, Phil Simpson, Marty Douglas, Kathy Quesenberry, Gene Brooks
ALSO PRESENT: Vonda Malnikoff, Sarah Black


Sarah Black discussed WVOTA conference to be held October 28th & 29th in Beckley at the Country Inn & Suites, and requested a member of the Board speak Saturday morning. She will also provide information to be included in WVBOT midyear newsletter. OT Legislative day is scheduled for 2/2/16, with both OTR and COTA students to attend to educate legislators about occupational therapy. WVOTA plans to have a table at the WVBOT CE conference in April.

Gene motioned to approve November 6, 2015 minutes as written. Bambi seconded. Vote 5-0.

TOPIC: Applications for OTR Board position / Draft bill to reconfigure Board
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Board reviewed applications received. All resumes mailed to
Governor’s office with letter requesting re-appointments and appointment of OTR representative.  Multiple emails have been sent regarding status. No appointments made per 9/16/13 email. No response to 11/14/13 email. No response from Governor’s office to May 6th email. New contact is Melissa Parsons. Info regarding expired terms sent to Grady Bowyer 10/29/14 to forward to Legislature and Governor’s office. As several Boards have recently received new appointments, an email was sent 11/4/15 to Melissa Parsons regarding Board members with expired terms. Another email sent 1/19/16.  Still no response.  Conference call 1/28/16 with Chairman of the House Government Org committee regarding draft bill to reconfigure Board due to Supreme Court ruling in the NC Dental Board case. Draft bill would replace two current OTR Board positions with non-market participants. Board reviewed draft. Marty motioned to make modifications to draft as discussed, including increasing Board to 7 members to include a 2nd OTR and an additional non-market participant, which could be a nonlicensed retiree or member of academia. Bambi seconded. Vote 5-0.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Submit suggested modifications to draft rule to HGO.

TOPIC: Purchase of Licensure Management Database System
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Researched systems recently purchased by Board of Osteopathic
Medicine, Board of Medicine, Dental, Engineering, and Veterinarian Boards. Reviewed scope &
estimated cost at meeting on 5/15/15. Marty motioned to issue RFQ to purchase Licensure Management
Database System. Bambi seconded. Vote 4-0. Other Boards who have purchased systems are having
various issues with vendors and/or product.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Work with purchasing to issue RFQ.

TOPIC: NBCOT Primary Source Verification / NPDB Agent
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Marty motioned to accept new online NBCOT verification as primary source verification required for licensure. Phil seconded. Vote 5-0. Phil motioned to decline interest at this time to NBCOT request to act as NPDB Agent for the Board. Board will further discuss purpose / benefits with NBCOT representative at March board meeting. Marty seconded. Vote 5-0. Shaun Conway further clarified NBCOT’s goal of maintaining a nationwide database to collect and disseminate disciplinary action from all states. They would act as the reporting agency to NPDB. One remaining question is the impact this will have on meeting current filing deadlines.                                     ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Keep item open pending further information regarding implementation from NBCOT.

TOPIC: Telehealth Position Statement
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Distributed information regarding Telehealth from AOTA and various states. Reviewed draft position statement. Revisions made and emailed to Board members for subsequent review. Distributed National Conference of State Legislatures Telehealth Policy Trends and Considerations.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Hold for future action.

TOPIC: 2016 Continuing Education Conference
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Reviewed cost proposals from Flatwoods and Summersville, compared to cost from Bridgeport Conference Center and previous proposal from Marriott in Charleston.  Discussed available dates and potential topics / speakers. Reviewed additional proposals from Charleston locations and potential speakers. Bambi motioned to hold conference April 29, 2016 in Charleston.  Marty seconded. Vote 5-0. Contract signed with Holiday Inn & Suites; agenda and registration form reviewed; notebooks ordered.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Mail registration information and finalize online registration.

TOPIC: School System Caseloads
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Reviewed letter from OT’s in Mercer County schools, and multiple email responses from OT’s in various other counties regarding caseloads. State Board of Education policy limits caseloads for Speech Therapists, but not OT’s or PT’s. Caseloads are not addressed in Practice Act or Legislative Rules of any of the three related state licensing boards. Most other counties responding to email request for information indicated caseloads comparable to the Speech therapy limits.  Bambi motioned that a letter be sent to the Mercer County Board of Education requesting additional information regarding their policies/guidelines for OT caseloads. Gene seconded. Vote 5-0. Letter was
not sent after consulting with Attorney General’s office regarding Board’s authority. Marty motioned to send response letter to OT’s explaining that the action requested is not within the scope of authority of the Board. Phil seconded. Vote 5-0.

TOPIC: NBCOT 2016 State Regulatory Leadership Forum
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: NBCOT survey to determine availability for various dates. Date set for May 11-13, 2016 in New Orleans.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Kathy to attend Forum.

The Board reviewed all purchases made on the Purchase Card in November and December 2015. Gene motioned to approve all purchases. Phil seconded. Vote 5-0.

Cash Balance as of December 31, 2015
$ 230,592.43

10/29/15          $ 640.00              12/2         $ 1,480.00            12/23         $2,910.00
11/2                       820.00             12/3             1,990.00            12/24                140.00
11/3                       660.00             12/4             2,480.00            12/28            1,830.00
11/4                       420.00             12/7              2,240.00            12/29            3,100.00
11/6                        710.00            12/8               4,700.00
11/10                     530.00             12/9               1,680.00
11/12                      150.00          12/10               3,020.00
11/13                   1,630.00          12/11               1,800.00
11/16                      370.00          12/14               2,460.00
11/17                   1,300.00          12/15               4,180.00
11/19                   1,500.00          12/16                 260.00
11/23                  1,020.00          12/17              1,860.00
11/24                  1,600.00           12/21a           2,120.00
11/25                   1,430.00          12/21p           1,570.00
11/30                  2,240.00          12/22            3,780.00
TOTAL DEPOSITS                                                                              $ 58,620.00
November                                $ 6,449.09
December                                    6,557.38

TOPIC: 2016 License Renewal Update
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Total renewals mailed: 350 OT’s, 234 OTA’s;
Non-renewals as of 1/11/16: 57 OT’s (16%), 41 OTA’s (18%); Non-renewal letters mailed
1/12/16. Number of licensees as of 1/11/16: 666 OT’s, 457 OTA’s

TOPIC: Tekswift contract renewal
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Contract to be renewed at current rate of $63.95 / month.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Phil motioned to renew contract. Bambi seconded. Vote 5-0.

TOPIC: Election of Officers
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Phil motioned to keep current officers. Bambi seconded.
Vote 5-0.



  correspondence date rec'd issue
1 AOTA/NBCOT 12/11/2015 National Conference of State Legislature (NCSL) Telehealth Position Paper
2 Purchasing 1/4/2016 The Buyers Network - January 2016
3 AOTA/NBCOT 1/7/2016 New and revised documents
4 NBCOT 11/23/2015 E-Newsletter Fall 2015


Marty motioned to adjourn meeting at 1:40 after the signing of licensure applications. Bambi seconded. Vote 5-0. The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 6:00 pm at the Holiday Inn & Suites, Charleston West.

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