Meeting Minutes January 29, 2021

WVBOT MINUTES:  January 29, 2021
MEMBERS PRESENT via video conference:  Bambi Hill, Phil Simpson, Gene Brooks, Marty Douglas, Kathy Quesenberry
ALSO PRESENT: Vonda Malnikoff

Gene motioned to approve November 20, 2020 minutes as written.  Bambi seconded.  Vote 5-0.


TOPIC: Future online services
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Discussed possible future online services to be offered through website, including fillable forms, ability to upload documents, and make payments via egov payment system.  Pursue adding additional online services through Tekswift or WV Interactive.  Reviewed quote from TekSwift for additional online services.  Board requested additional detail on what was included in quote.  Marty motioned to request quote from WV Interactive for complete website hosting.  Bambi seconded.  Vote 5-0.    All services must now be approved by WV Office of Technology and State Purchasing.  Per discussion with WV Interactive, they have plans to develop a web based database platform for use by licensing boards in 2020.  This would incorporate further online services and would be priced on a licensee / transaction based model, which is probably the most cost-effective solution for small boards.  Worked with STO to develop payment page to accept credit card payments for initial applications.  Received information from inLumon about their web based licensing framework offered on a monthly subscription basis.  Several other licensing boards have signed contracts with inLumon.   Gene motioned to give Vonda authority to obtain quotes and go forward with purchase of licensing database system.  Kathy seconded.  Vote 5-0.  Three vendors have provided quotes, along with product demos.  Quotes reviewed at April 3, 2020 meeting.  Kathy motioned to allow Vonda to complete research and make decision between two lowest bidders.  Marty seconded.  Vote 5-0.  Three year contract signed with Certemy 5/15/20.  Online initial applications and Public Registry activated 9/15/20.  Reviewed system with Board; discussed open issues with renewal applications / CE reporting.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP:  Continue implementation process with Certemy. 

TOPIC: Interstate Licensure Compact Webinar
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: AOTA and NBCOT have announced collaboration to support development of an Interstate Licensure Compact for OT.  The Council of State Governments’ National Center for Interstate Compacts will lead the process of developing the licensure compact language.  Viewed webinar hosted by the CSG on 9/24/19.  Reviewed updates from AOTA / NBCOT.  The Advisory Group met in October and came to consensus on a number of key points, one of which is that participating states must implement FBI fingerprint-based criminal background checks.  The Drafting Team is expected to complete a draft compact in early May to be distributed to stakeholders for comment in the summer of 2020.  The plan is to have a draft ready for consideration by state legislatures in 2021.  Attended webinars and provided feedback to committee.  Attended NBCOT session on 10/27/20.  Emailed questions regarding FBI background check requirement to obtain a Compact Privilege.  The Compact team has decided to make this a requirement for CP only, with no change to existing state license application process.  However, this would need to be implemented by the home state licensing board.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP:  Determine Legislative contact and follow progress.

TOPIC: CE conference 2021
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Agreed to schedule 2021 conference at Bridgeport Conference Center in late March or April 2021.  Attempt to secure same speakers as planned for 2020 conference.  Tentatively re-scheduled for April 30, 2021Discussed feasibility of holding an in-person conference in 2021 and alternative proposal from Summit.  Marty motioned to accept Summit proposal for three private live interactive webinars and special offer for annual subscription to be offered to all licensees in lieu of holding in-person conference.  Phil seconded.  Vote 5-0.  Cancelled in-person conference.  Live interactive webinars scheduled; postcards mailed; online registration pages complete for webinars and annual subscription.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP:  Track response.

TOPIC: COVID-19 questions
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Discussed various questions directed at the Board regarding Telehealth in various settings, fieldwork, supervision, etc.  General statement has been posted on website, with links to other sources of information.  Information regarding online registration system for vaccination added. 

TOPIC: Legislative Rule filing 2021
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Agency Approved Rule 13-09 – Telehealth Practice; Requirements; Definitions filed August 10th for introduction in 2021 Legislative session as a result of passage of HB 4003 in 2020 requiring healthcare boards to propose a rule to regulate telehealth practice.  Rule set for review on 10/19/20 during Legislative Interim meetings.  Rule reviewed by Interim committee on November 16th.  No changes recommended.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP:  Follow progress of Rule through 2021 Legislative session.

TOPIC: Interim studies of Professional and Occupational Licensure
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Letter mailed August 24th in response to request from Joint Committee on Government Organization.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP:  Follow progress of Studies.


The Board reviewed all purchases made on the Purchase Card for November 16, 2020 through January 15, 2021.  Phil motioned to approve all purchases.  Bambi seconded.  Vote 5-0.


Cash Balance as of December 31, 2020
$ 266,323.16

11/2/20            $ 440               12/1     $780                12/21   $650
11/06                  100               12/3    1,940                12/23     100
11/10                  220               12/8       420                12/29     130
11/17a                440               12/10     320                12/30     100
11/17p                150               12/14     330
11/19                  220               12/15     420
11/23                  370               12/17     960

egov receipts:
November       $ 14,380
December           36,200


November                   $ 3,824.31
December                    10,141.90

Beginning cash balance 7/1/20                         $231,618.77
FY2021 Revenue                                                      75,605.00
FY2021 Expenditures                                             40,900.61
Ending cash balance 12/31/20                          $266,323.16


TOPIC: 2021 Renewal update
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Total OT renewals due: 412; Non-renewals: 53 (13%)
Total OTA renewals due: 316; Non-renewals: 73 (23%);  Renewals completed online: 87% (up from 82%); As of 1/26/21: OT’s 801, OTA’s 567

TOPIC: Election of Officers
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Phil motioned to keep current officers.  Gene seconded.
Vote 5-0.

TOPIC: Tekswift contract renewal
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Website hosting / data backup service contract April 2021 – March 2022; quarterly rate to remain at $221.82.  Marty motioned to renew contract.  Bambi seconded.  Vote 5-0.

TOPIC: Review of COTA Supervision rules
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Agreed to hold for April in-person meeting.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP:  Discuss at April meeting.

TOPIC: AOTA Model Practice Act survey
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: No comments/suggestions.


  correspondence date rec'd issue
1 Randy McCombie 12/23/2020 email
2 ACOTE 1/11/2021 WVU OTD program candidacy status granted
3 Robbin Butler 1/15/2021 email
4 Licensee 1/25/2021 email question re OT's in Mental Health


Gene Brooks 11/2/2020 paid $150.00 hours for auditor's seminar 10/27/20
STO-egov fees 11/5/2020 paid $199.13 Oct egov payments
IS&C 11/9/2020 paid $64.67 Centrex (phone) billing Oct 2020
IS&C 11/9/2020 paid $1.76 Long distance billing Oct 2020
WVInteractive 11/16/2020 paid $195.00 Oct online renewals
Bambi Hill 11/20/2020 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 11-20-20
Kathy Quesenberry 11/20/2020 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 11-20-20
Gene Brooks 11/20/2020 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 11-20-20
Phil Simpson 11/20/2020 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 11-20-20
Marty Douglas 11/20/2020 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 11-20-20
Certemy 12/3/2020 paid $2,275.00 3rd qtr payment
STO-egov fees 12/7/2020 paid $315.45 Nov egov payments
WVInteractive 12/10/2020 paid $339.00 November online renewals
IS&C 12/15/2020 paid $61.96 Centrex (phone) billing Nov 2020
IS&C 12/15/2020 paid $1.09 Long distance billing Nov 2020
BRIM 1/4/2021 paid $676.00 insurance premium for qtr ending 3/31/21
STO-egov fees 1/5/2021 paid $814.50 Dec egov payments
WVInteractive 1/13/2021 paid $996.00 December online renewals
Dept of Admin 1/19/2021 paid $96.00 Shared Services payroll billing Q2 2021
IS&C 1/19/2021 paid $61.68 Centrex (phone) billing Dec 2020
AG's Office 1/21/2021 paid $195.00 Nov invoice
AG's Office 1/21/2021 paid $2.50 Dec invoice


Phil motioned to adjourn at 11:50 a.m.  Marty seconded.  Vote 5-0.  The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 23, 2021 at the Board office.  Tentative dates for remaining 2021 meetings are 9/24, and 11/19.

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