Meeting Minutes November 19, 2021

WVBOT MINUTES:  November 19, 2021
MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bambi Hill, Phil Simpson, Marty Douglas,
Kathy Quesenberry, Gene Brooks
ALSO PRESENT: Vonda Malnikoff

Shawn Conway gave an NBCOT update on certification programs and services.

Bambi motioned to enter Executive Session at 12:41 p.m. to discuss licensee complaints.  Marty seconded.  Vote 5-0.

Issue 2021#01  Closed
Issue 2021#02  Complaint

Gene motioned to leave Executive Session at 12:46 p.m.  Phil seconded.  Vote 5-0.

Issue 2021#02  Marty motioned to contact AG for guidance if signed Consent Agreement not received by December 1, 2021.  Phil seconded.  Vote 5-0.

Marty motioned to approve September 24, 2021 minutes as written.  Bambi seconded.  Vote 5-0.


TOPIC: Future online services
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Gene motioned to give Vonda authority to obtain quotes and go forward with purchase of licensing database system.  Kathy seconded.  Vote 5-0.  Three vendors have provided quotes, along with product demos.  Quotes reviewed at April 3, 2020 meeting.  Kathy motioned to allow Vonda to complete research and make decision between two lowest bidders.  Marty seconded.  Vote 5-0.  Three year contract signed with Certemy 5/15/20.  Online initial applications and Public Registry activated 9/15/20.  Reviewed system with Board; discussed open issues with renewal applications / CE reporting.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP:  Evaluate use of Certemy upon completion of renewal season. 

TOPIC: CE conference 2021
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Discussed feasibility of holding an in-person conference in 2021 and alternative proposal from Summit.  Marty motioned to accept Summit proposal for three private live interactive webinars and special offer for annual subscription to be offered to all licensees in lieu of holding in-person conference.  Phil seconded.  Vote 5-0.  Cancelled in-person conference.  Live interactive webinars scheduled; postcards mailed; online registration pages complete for webinars and annual subscription.  Registrations for 4/10/21 webinar were 143; actual attendance was 69; Subscriptions as of 4/19/21 are 33.  Registrations for 6/18/21 webinar were 201; actual attendance was 93; Subscriptions as of 8/25/21 are 44.  Registrations for 11/6/21 webinar were 202; actual attendance was 69.

TOPIC: CE Conference 2022
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Reviewed quotes from Bridgeport Conference Center for one and two day conference.  Reviewed proposal from Aspire OT.  No other commitments from speakers.  Agreed to hold one day conference with limited attendance of 100, preferably with multiple course options.  Reviewed tentative agenda.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Mail postcards announcing conference by early February. 

The Board reviewed all purchases made on the Purchase Card for September 16, 2021 through November 15, 2021.  Marty motioned to approve all purchases.  Phil seconded.  Vote 5-0.

Cash Balance as of October 31, 2021
$ 221,361.04

9/8/21              $30
egov receipts:
September                   $ 4,170.00
October                          6,530.00
TOTAL DEPOSITS   $10,730.00

September                               $   7,155.14
October                                        7,686.04

Beginning cash balance 7/1/21                         $ 228,280.50
FY2022 Revenue                                                        19,140.00
FY2022 Expenditures                                              26,059.46
Ending cash balance 10/31/21                          $ 221,361.04


TOPIC: COTA Supervision Rules
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Discussed whether modifying COTA supervision rules is necessary to better protect consumers and the potential implications of doing so.  Reviewed supervision rules in other states.    
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Provide all Board members with AOTA summary of state COTA supervision rules. 

TOPIC: Purchasing Audit
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Recent purchasing audit resulted in no findings.


correspondence date rec'd issue
1 NBCOT 10/4/2021 2021 Certification Databook
2 AOTA 10/7/2021 State Affairs Update - Fall 2021
3 NBCOT 10/21/2021 Information regarding licensure scams
4 Jackie Hurt 11/13/2021 email re Licensure Compact
5 AOTA 11/16/2021 Survey request for 2021 Purpose and Value of the Doctoral Capstone document


Bills paid Sep 2021- Oct 2021:

STO-egov fees 9/8/2021 paid $82.35 Aug egov payments
Certemy 9/9/2021 paid $2,275.00 Q6 payment
IS&C 9/13/2021 paid $62.08 Centrex (phone) billing August 2021
Kathy Quesenberry 9/27/2021 paid $37.50 hours for board mtg 9-24-21
Bambi Hill 9/27/2021 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 9-24-21
Phil Simpson 9/27/2021 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 9-24-21
Martin Douglas 9/27/2021 paid $525.00 hours for board mtg 9-24-21 & investigations
Bambi Hill 9/27/2021 paid $199.36 travel for board mtg 9-24-21
Phil Simpson 9/27/2021 paid $237.44 travel for board mtg 9-24-21
Martin Douglas 9/27/2021 paid $213.92 travel for board mtg 9-24-21
Vonda Malnikoff 10/1/2021 paid $78.40 travel to pcard training 9/15/21
BRIM 10/4/2021 paid $715.00 insurance premium for qtr ending 12/31/21
STO-egov fees 10/6/2021 paid $93.83 Sep egov payments
AG's Office 10/12/2021 paid $76.50 Aug review of lease
Dept of Admin 10/12/2021 paid $128.00 Shared services payroll billing Q1 2022
IS&C 10/12/2021 paid $62.52 Centrex (phone) billing Sept 2021


Meeting adjourned at 2:30 after signing of applications.  The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 21, 2022 at the Board office.

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