Meeting Minutes September 16, 2016

WVBOT MINUTES: September 16, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT: Bambi Hill, Phil Simpson, Marty Douglas, Kathy Quesenberry
ABSENT: Gene Brooks
ALSO PRESENT: Vonda Malnikoff


Marty motioned to enter Executive Session at 11:04 a.m. to discuss licensee issues.
Phil seconded. Vote 4-0.

Issue 2016#01 – Complaint
Issue 2016#02 – Complaint

Bambi motioned to move out of Executive Session at 11:20 a.m. Phil seconded. Vote 4-0.
Issue 2016#01 Phil motioned to accept investigator recommendation to dismiss case. Bambi seconded. Vote 3-0.

Phil motioned to approve April 28, 2016 minutes as written. Bambi seconded. Vote 4-0.

TOPIC: Purchase of Licensure Management Database System
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Researched systems recently purchased by Board of
Osteopathic Medicine, Board of Medicine, Dental, Engineering, and Veterinarian Boards.
Reviewed scope & estimated cost at meeting on 5/15/15. Marty motioned to issue RFQ to
purchase Licensure Management Database System. Bambi seconded. Vote 4-0. Other Boards who have purchased systems are having various issues with vendors and/or product.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Work with purchasing to issue RFQ.

TOPIC: NBCOT Primary Source Verification / NPDB Agent
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Marty motioned to accept new online NBCOT verification as
primary source verification required for licensure. Phil seconded. Vote 5-0. Phil motioned to decline interest at this time to NBCOT request to act as NPDB Agent for the Board. Board will further discuss purpose / benefits with NBCOT representative at March board meeting. Marty seconded. Vote 5-0. Shaun Conway further clarified NBCOT’s goal of maintaining a nationwide database to collect and disseminate disciplinary action from all states. They would act as the reporting agency to NPDB. One remaining question is the impact this will have on meeting current filing deadlines.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Keep item open pending further information regarding
implementation from NBCOT.

TOPIC: Telehealth Position Statement
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Distributed information regarding Telehealth from AOTA and various states. Reviewed draft position statement. Revisions made and emailed to Board members for subsequent review. Distributed National Conference of State Legislatures Telehealth Policy Trends and Considerations.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Hold for future action.

TOPIC: Legislative update
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: HCR78 authorizes a study of professional and occupational
licensing boards with a report to the 2017 regular session of the Legislature on findings,
conclusions, and recommendations. Other bills passed include HB4340 requiring certain boards to require national criminal background checks (not OT at this point) and all boards to provide public access on a website to all completed disciplinary actions in which discipline was ordered.  SB619 requires all state agencies to review and evaluate all existing Rules and submit a report to the LRMRC by 7/1/2020. Orders of disciplinary actions from the past 10 years added to

TOPIC: Licensee roster / mailing list
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Discussed email from AG’s office regarding the requirement to change current policy of charging for and restricting access to licensee information. Licensee information provided to the Board, including address, phone number, and email address, is public information and must be made available upon request. Changes made to application and mailing list order form to remove fee and option of being removed from mailing list.  Communicated changes and included Privacy Notice in newsletter. Privacy Notice added to website and application.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Marty motioned to add fee for mailing list on adhesive mailing
labels to cover the cost of labels and postage. Phil seconded. Vote 4-0.

TOPIC: Board speaker for WVOTA conference
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: WVOTA has requested a Board representative speak at the
WVOTA conference being held in Beckley on October 29th. Per email from Sarah Black,
WVOTA overbooked speakers and no longer need a Board speaker.

TOPIC: Email re: COTA supervision
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Board reviewed email from OT regarding concerns with
providing supervision for a new COTA in the Home Health setting. Also reviewed draft
response clarifying Board rules regarding supervision of COTA’s. Bambi motioned to approve draft letter and send to OT. Response sent to OT.

TOPIC: Laptop upgrade
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Current Board laptop was purchased in 2008, with Windows XP operating system, which is no longer supported by Microsoft and other applications. Marty motioned to purchase new laptop. Gene seconded. Vote 5-0. Include in FY2017 budget.  Approval to purchase laptop obtained from Office of Technology. Order delayed due to part number discrepancy in wvOASIS.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Place order once correct part number is available in wvOASIS.

The Board reviewed all purchases made on the Purchase Card from April through August 2016.  Bambi motioned to approve all purchases. Marty seconded. Vote 4-0.

Cash Balance as of August 31, 2016
$ 194,047.97

3/31/16        $30         5/16      $ 90         6/28        $530        8/8         $600
4/04              390        5/18        100         6/30          180         8/9           280
4/07                60        5/24        250         7/06          390        8/15           310

4/13               100        5/25        210          7/07          250       8/16           210
4/14                 90        5/26        180         7/ 12           210       8/18           190
4/ 19              340        6/01        440         7/18           310        8/23          250
4/21                130       6/06        480         7/20          330
4/26               630        6/13        330         7/2 1          100
4/28               100        6/14        480         7/26          240
5/04               130         6/15        300        7/28           150
5/05                60          6/16        340         8/01          155
5/11               380          6/21        250         8/02        280
Chargeback 1600125339                    ($100)
Total Deposits                              $10,855.00

April              $5,810.14
May               1 9,491.68
June               5 ,959.88
July                 4,434.1 3
August           4, 160.96

TOPIC: FY2017 Budget / FY2018 Appropriation Request

TOPIC: Renewal Newsletter
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Reviewed draft of newsletter.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Mail newsletter and renewal applications in October.

TOPIC: Annual Report
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Filed online 8/4/16. CD mailed to Governor’s office 8/31/16.

TOPIC: 2017 CE Conference
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Discussed date & location for 2017 conference. Agreed to hold in late April in Morgantown or Bridgeport.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Request cost proposals and begin lining up speakers.

TOPIC: Annual Seminar for Licensing Boards
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Seminar scheduled for November 29th in Charleston.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Vonda and Marty to attend, Bambi TBD.


  correspondence date rec'd issue
1 Purchasing 5/3/2016 The Buyers Network - May 2016
2 Purchasing 6/1/2016 The Buyers Network - June 2016
3 AOTA 6/14/2016 Encouraging state boards to recognize case mgmt within scope of practice and to accept case mgmt courses for CE credit
4 WV Dental Board 6/14/2016 email advising of an organization issuing false licenses/registrations for some allied health professions to individuals with credentials from outside the U.S.
5 House Committee on HHR 6/15/2016 request to assist those healthcare professionals participating in Pathways to Health in Beckley in obtaining the needed licenses or temporary permits
6 NBCOT e-newsletter 6/22/2016 Summary of State Regulatory Leadership Forum; TX sunset advisory commission summary; State Govt's responding to NC Dental Board ruling; Telemedicine barriers falling, hurdles remain
7 AOTA 6/28/2016 survey on new Position Paper on Continuing Professional Development
8 Purchasing 7/5/2016 The Buyers Network - July 2016
9 WV Agency for Surplus Property 7/5/2016 The Property Connection - 2nd Qtr 2016
10 Randy McCombie - WVU 7/15/2016 Student project to assist flood victims; sent email addresses for OT's/OTA's in affected counties
11 Purchasing 8/1/2016 The Buyers Network - August 2016
12 House Gov't Org 8/18/2016 Notice of interim study on "Restructuring of professional and occupational licensing boards"; add'l study of "website management, development, and maintenance related to best practices and procurement" for state agencies; emailed info re current website services and cost.
13 NBCOT e-newsletter 8/18/2016 SD OT Advisory Committee includes NBCOT certification as an option for proof of continuing education
14 Purchasing 9/1/2016 The Buyers Network - September 2016
15 AOTA 9/1/2016 21st edition of The Reference Manual of the Official Documents; req copy
16 AG's office 9/6/2016 Best Practices Endorsement - Distribution of letter and best practices?


Meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm after the signing of licensure applications. The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 4, 2016 at 11:00 am at the Morgantown office

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