Meeting Minutes January 21, 2022

WVBOT MINUTES:  January 21, 2022
MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bambi Hill, Phil Simpson, Marty Douglas,
Kathy Quesenberry, Gene Brooks
ALSO PRESENT: Vonda Malnikoff


Issue 2021#02  Closed

Gene motioned to approve November 19, 2021 minutes as written.  Bambi seconded.  Vote 5-0.


TOPIC: Future online services
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Gene motioned to give Vonda authority to obtain quotes and go forward with purchase of licensing database system.  Kathy seconded.  Vote 5-0.  Three vendors have provided quotes, along with product demos.  Quotes reviewed at April 3, 2020 meeting.  Kathy motioned to allow Vonda to complete research and make decision between two lowest bidders.  Marty seconded.  Vote 5-0.  Three year contract signed with Certemy 5/15/20.  Online initial applications and Public Registry activated 9/15/20.  Reviewed system with Board; discussed open issues with renewal applications / CE reporting.  All renewals completed in Certemy.  Will work with Certemy to make improvements.  Continue communication with licensees.

TOPIC: CE Conference 2022
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Reviewed quotes from Bridgeport Conference Center for one and two day conference.  Reviewed proposal from Aspire OT.  No other commitments from speakers.  Agreed to hold one day conference with limited attendance of 100, preferably with multiple course options.  Reviewed tentative agenda.  Reviewed menus.  Agreed to provide paper handouts of presentations.  Order disposable masks.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Mail postcards announcing conference upon completion of online registration page.

TOPIC: COTA Supervision Rules
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Discussed whether modifying COTA supervision rules is necessary to better protect consumers and the potential implications of doing so.  Reviewed supervision rules in other states.  Provided all Board members with AOTA summary of state COTA supervision rules. 
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP: Hold for future discussion.



The Board reviewed all purchases made on the Purchase Card for November 16, 2021 through January 15, 2022.  Bambi motioned to approve all purchases.  Phil seconded.  Vote 5-0.

Cash Balance as of December 31, 2021
$ 260,804.94

11/2/21                      $30
11/10                             25
12/13                             30
12/21                           130
12/28                             30

egov receipts:
November                   $ 16,960.00
December                       45,950.00

TOTAL DEPOSITS   $ 63,155.00

November                               $   15,219.37
December                                       8,051.73

Beginning cash balance 7/1/21                         $ 228,280.50
FY2022 Revenue                                                        81,855.00
FY2022 Expenditures                                               49,330.56
Ending cash balance 12/31/21                          $ 260,804.94


TOPIC: Election of Officers
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Gene motioned to keep same officers for 2022.  Phil seconded.  Vote 5-0.

TOPIC: TekSwift Contract Renewal
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: Quarterly rate for website hosting / data backup service contract April 2022 - March 2023 to increase from $221.82 to $242.82.  Gene motioned to approve.  Bambi seconded.  Vote 5-0.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP:  Forward new contract for signature.

TOPIC: 2022 Renewal update
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS:  OT non-renewals were 61 (14%) of total 433 due.  OTA non-renewals were 70 (22%) of total 317 due.  Non-renewal rate of OT’s has remained steady, while non-renewal rate of OTA’s has increased in 2020 and 2021.  As of 1/13/22, there are 829 licensed OT’s and 564 licensed OTA’s.  All renewals were completed in Certemy, with approximately 20% completed during the last week of the year.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP:  Consider alternative renewal date to reduce workload over Christmas/New Year holiday.

TOPIC: 2022 Legislative Session
FINDINGS/CONCLUSIONS: SB221 to establish Occupational Therapy compact introduced in Senate 1/12/22; Committee Substitute to correct technical errors passed to full Senate by Committee on Health and Human Resources on 1/18; 1st reading in full Senate on 1/21/22.
ACTION/FOLLOW-UP:  Continue to follow SB221 and other applicable bills.


correspondence date rec'd issue
1 NBCOT 11/22/2021 Thank you email from S. Conway
2 AOTA 1/3/2022 email requesting 2022 meeting dates


Bills paid Nov 2021- Dec 2021:

STO-egov fees 11/9/2021 paid $154.12 Oct egov payments
AG's Office 11/9/2021 paid $156.00 September invoice
Summit Prof Educ 11/9/2021 paid $7,000.00 November 6, 2021 webinar
Certemy 11/15/2021 paid $2,275.00 Q7 payment
IS&C 11/22/2021 paid $64.85 Centrex (phone) billing Oct 2021
Dell 11/22/2021 paid $809.00 laptop for investigator
Gene Brooks 11/23/2021 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 11-19-21
Gene Brooks 11/23/2021 paid $181.44 travel for board mtg 11-19-21
Martin Douglas 11/23/2021 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 11-19-21
Martin Douglas 11/23/2021 paid $213.92 travel for board mtg 11-19-21
Phil Simpson 11/23/2021 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 11-19-21
Bambi Hill 11/23/2021 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 11-19-21
Bambi Hill 11/23/2021 paid $199.36 travel for board mtg 11-19-21
Kathy Quesenberry 11/23/2021 paid $150.00 hours for board mtg 11-19-21
Kathy Quesenberry 11/23/2021 paid $244.16 travel for board mtg 11-19-21
SHI 11/30/2021 paid $361.98 MS OfficeProPlus 2019 for laptop
STO-egov fees 12/7/2021 paid $371.70 Nov egov payments
Phil Simpson 12/14/2021 paid $237.44 travel for board mtg 11-19-21
IS&C 12/16/2021 paid $64.91 Cemtrex (phone) billing Nov 2021



Gene motioned to adjourn at 12:15 p.m.  Marty seconded.  Vote 5-0.  The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 7, 2022 at the Bridgeport Conference Center at 6:00 p.m.

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