At the April 7th, 2022, Board meeting, the WV Board of Occupational Therapy voted to change the expiration date of OTA licenses from December 31st to June 30th, effective immediately.  All OTA's have been mailed a new set of license cards reflecting this change.  Expiration dates were moved to June 30, 2023 or 2024, depending on their original expiration date.


Continuing Education requirements for license renewal ARE NOT CHANGING.  OTA's will have an extra six months to complete their CE requirements this ONE TIME ONLY.  Future biennial renewals will be due on June 30th and require 24 hours of CE taken in the two years prior to the new expiration date.


Renewal applications in Certemy have been changed to reflect this new expiration date.


If you have any questions about the change in expiration date, please email help@wvbot.org or call 304-285-3150.